Released software

checkpw-pop3checkpw-pop3 is a checkpassword compatible program that authenticates against a POP3 server.
phpa phpa is an interactive command line shell for PHP.
pydbx dbx is a simple SQL database abstraction layer for Python.
Random BackgroundAfter sending a screenshot of my desktop to Rusty Wagner, he mentioned that he had the same image. We got to talking about it, and he said that he had a program he wrote to randomly change the background. I thought that was a cool idea, and got the program from him. It was a simple console application, so I took the background changing and DirectX detection code and created a new GUI version in C++Builder. Random Background is a tray application that changes your background to a new image after a specified number of minutes.
sendmail-flagf.patchThis patch to qmail fixes the sendmail emulation program so that the -f option sets the default From header field. This patch is now included in netqmail.
xdisc-0.1.0.tar.gz When I tried using Linux as my desktop OS, I needed a way to easily play a directory of MP3s. Winamp has an excellent plugin, Instant Disc, that gives a popup menu with all of your MP3 directories as albums, along with adding global hotkeys. This program will play a directory of MP3s in XMMS. The directory either be specified, or chosen randomly from a given starting directory. The menu listing and hotkey functionality can be accomplished via some simple scripting and the window manager or a program that provides similar functionality. A script and instructions for using it with Blackbox and bbkeys are included. Other window managers or desktops such as KDE should be just as easy to get going. Ideally this would be a full plugin for XMMS.

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