Shawnee Mission North

Computer programming is always fun

Marc Mixon Keane and Elizabeth Penfield Sr. Chief Cook and Ross Waters Cho Cho having to run laps Some guys practicing weapons tosses Fun at NJROTC drill team practice Waters and Josh Mast Joey Serling commanding the freshman platoon Mixon and Hubble Chemistry II AP class James Hutchison, the cool Chem II teacher More Chem II João Sosa and James James at lunch Peter at lunch Random people in the cafeteria Joab Sosa Joab again João, ever the stud Miles Raymond Ross in Computer Science class American Government AP class Meagan Bartlett in AP Gov Christian Rodriguez Brandon Gourley in his officer's cover The color guard practicing at drill team Sr. Chief Cook again Drill team practice Sr. Chief talking with some cadets People at lunch Gary Langner helping with programming questions People hard at work in CS class More people programming Mr. Langner helping with code Meagan walking into AP Gov Serling at drill team Serling again, behind Penfield Cunningham at lunch

Here's a nifty drawing of Nik Hodgkinson (programming contest partner who made the collage).

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